Why are CBD gummies so popular?

Cannabidiol, or CBD, is one of the many beneficial compounds found in the cannabis plant. While previous cannabis users commonly smoked the product, smoking has lost cultural appeal. Many modern users prefer an oil or an edible, and producers are happy to oblige.

Non-Euphoric Benefits

The euphoria-inducing compound in cannabis, tetrahydrocannabinol or THC, is not included in CBD edibles. Because you can find edibles in a variety of flavors, it’s possible to enjoy the calming properties of CBD without having to feel the disconnection that some struggle with when using THC.

Delayed Dosage

CBD gummies have to be digested to release their beneficial chemicals. If you struggle with anxiety or find that you have a hard time staying asleep, you can stack your CBD for best effect. For example, you can use a dose of CBD oil under the tongue before bed to help you fall asleep quickly and then take a CBD candy or gummie, which will start working in a couple of hours.

By stacking your CBD intake, you can enjoy an extension of the benefits. There are also many CBD products that contain melatonin, which can also help regulate disrupted sleep patterns.


A starting dose of CBD is 25 mg, depending on your weight. CBD candies deliver this dosage slowly. While a gummy has to be digested, a candy can be allowed to dissolve in the mouth and move directly into the bloodstream.

If you find that CBD makes you sleepy, you can microdose with edibles. A microdosing schedule of CBD can mean that chronic pain, such as nerve pain, is reduced over the course of a day.

It’s Legal

CBD is legal in every one of the United States. For those who have struggled with:

  • chronic inflammation
  • anxiety
  • chronic pain
  • depression

and not had good luck in finding a medication that would work over the long-term, using CBD in small doses over the course of the day is a wonderful option. You can start with a candy for quick results and a journal. Track your response and alter your dosage amounts and methodology as patterns emerge.


They’re Yummy

CBD edible products are quite tasty. You can find them in a wide variety of fruit flavors and they travel well in a pocket or purse. Because these items look and taste like candy, they’re an ideal tool for parents trying to help a child in crisis.

To that end, you will want to put your edibles somewhere that children can’t get to them to avoid any excess intake. While the use of a CBD oil has been allowed by the FDA for children with a seizure disorder, many parents are finding that small portions of CBD products are helping children struggling with:

  • ADHD
  • autism
  • anxiety
  • depression
  • epilepsy

For best results, discuss your dosage plans with your physician and carefully study your CBD manufacturer. You will need a product with no THC, as THC is not legal in all states and not recommended for children. However, there are many CBD edible producers with a strong record of producing a THC-free product. Check the label for the phrase broad spectrum or isolate to be sure that your CBD is completely free of THC.

For many who struggle with emotional and physical pain, CBD products can be life-changing. Split gummies and start by microdosing to track when physical or emotional pain ebbs and for how long. You can build a successful treatment plan on your own by monitoring your response to CBD.